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International Politics & Law



In today’s world, the way we think, communicate, do business, and govern, can all vary by country and society. Students in this track will gain an understanding of the global economy, as well as distinct regions and cultures of the world and how they relate to international law and policies.


About This Program

Length 2 weeks

Available Dates 1-14 July 2018
Lectures /
A total of 24 hours of lectures are given by highly qualified tutors, lecturers, and professors from various U.S. Ivy League universities. You will also receive 1 exam in each session. We require all participants to attend at least 1 exam to receive the certification of completion.
Accommodation Delegates are accommodated in campus dormitories of the Harvard Law School Campus.
Prerequisites This is an open enrolment course, we recommend applicants to have prior knowledge or strong interest in the subject/course they are enrolling in. Additionally we expect all delegates to have a good, strong command of the English language to take part fully in all aspects of the program.
Additional Information In addition to lectures given, this course also includes various extra-curricular activities such as social events & leisure activities, and excursions to famous places and historical landmarks in the US.
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Tuition & Fees Tuition fee $4,200 USD

Tuition fee includes:
• Tuition for all lectures, presentations, and evening talks at Harvard Law School.
• All scheduled field trips, cultural activities, and social events
• Accommodation – single room, shared bathroom


Course Details

  • Course Timetable
  • Faculty
There are 24 hours of teaching throughout the program from various U.S. Ivy League university professors, lecturers, or tutors in that field of study. Aside from the lectures, this exciting program is filled with leisure activities, excursions, company visits, and much more.

**Please note** While every effort is made to give participants an accurate description of the course content and structure, they should note that details of course content and structure may change as a result of tutor availability, interests, and expertise. In addition, participants should note that professors and residential advisors will make efforts, where practicable, to address and include material relating to students’ specific interests and requests where these are notified beforehand.


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*Disclaimer* Changes to the course description, topics, program structure, and schedules may occur due to the availability of faculty members at the actual time of the program.

business-managementCBL International Ivy League Summer Institute is composed of a strong team of faculty members including professors, university lecturers, university researchers, and PhD candidates from various US Ivy League universities to teach your courses.



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